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Aria On The Bay Miami

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Price list

ViewModelTotal AreaPrice From
NorthA2,362 Sq. Ft.$ 1,615,900
SouthA2,362 Sq. Ft.$ 1,611,900
SouthB1,797 Sq. Ft.$ 944,900
NorthG1,370 Sq. Ft.$ 832,900
NorthC1,393 Sq. Ft.$ 809,900
NorthD1,038 Sq. Ft.$ 578,900
SouthE813 Sq. Ft.$ 437,900
NorthE813 Sq. Ft.$ 519,900
SouthU880 Sq. Ft.$ 440,900
NorthU880 Sq. Ft.$ 471,900
NorthF1,312 Sq. Ft.$ 720,900
NorthV1,539 Sq. Ft.$ 1,019,900
NorthY1,322 Sq. Ft.$ 880,900
SouthY1,322 Sq. Ft.$ 886,900
NorthF.22,672 Sq. Ft.$ 1,928,900
SouthQ2,108 Sq. Ft.$ 1,020,900
SouthS871 Sq. Ft.$ 552,900
SouthR1,681 Sq. Ft.$ 724,900
NorthH1,565 Sq. Ft.$ 641,900
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